Mom Tries To Sell Son For $2,000

Jessica Marie Beers was arrested after a couple said she tried to sell them her son for $2,000A Florida Mom (that isn’t Casey Antony) is in the running for world’s worst Mom ever after she tried to sell her child to a couple for a mere $2,000.

Jessica Marie Beers, 28, was nabbed by cops on Saturday after a couple she offered the child to dropped a dime on her to authorities, My Fox Tampa reported.

John Gardner, 58, told police he and his wife had met Beers at church, and they had occasionally babysat the boy and given the single mom food and money because she had fallen on hard times, according to the website.

Earlier this week, she said they could keep him in exchange for $2,000

Pinellas County police said Beers admitted to attempting to sell her tot, but didn’t say why.

Gardner said Beers was hooked on prescription pills.

The troubled mom faces charges sale of parental rights and probation violation.

The boy, whose name was not given, was with child protection agents.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the potential buyers were Chinese, but basing on their refusal I’d assume they are white. If anything this mom should have to pay them to take her child; if the people aren’t gaining any disturbing gratification sexually or by filling the void of a previously lost child, then this boy, to them, would be just another mouth to feed.

So why, do you ask, did this sick woman try to sell her kid? Because she’s from Florida. Seriously, there is something in the water there and if it weren’t for Disney world I would propose it’s succession.

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